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Ministry of Science


The MoS is the primary source of income for Transarcadia, and is responsible for the health and welfare of the city.


The Ministry of Science was founded by Doctor Roseline Decosta who specialized in advanced longevity medicine. It became a government funded institution when Dr. Decosta agreed to to release the Body Shop to the City of Transarcadia.

Soon after Dr. Tran, Founder of the Biotech company, invented medical-grade nanites and introduced the first itteration of the Transformation (TF) Machine. Dr. Friday Planar then perfected the TF Machine and is credited in all subsequent designs. Dr. Decosta implemented the "Black Box" program to prevent theft of the underlying technology.

After Dr. Decosta left the Ministry of Science there was a period of time where the organization was without a Minister, but eventually the mantle of Minister of science was handed to Dr. Stesha Cheng. Dr. Cheng stepped down from Minister of Science after several years and in turn passed the position Dr. Katherine Foxtrotter, who remains at the reins to this day.

Areas of Responsibility
  • Performing Transformations
  • Performing Cybernetic Alteration
  • Providing Medical Care in both physical and mental aspects
  • Developing additional technology for the betterment of the city
  • Providing Power to the city grid utilizing an experimental reactor design
  • Maintaining Cortex, the primary method of fabrication in the city
  • Maintaining Teleportation Terminals around the city
Current Employment Opportunities
  • Medtech
  • Nurse
  • Receptionist
  • Paid Experiment Associate
  • Voluntary Experiment Associate