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The Caste System and You

TA's society is based on a structured caste system, with each caste holding RP authority over the castes below. Please remember that all interactions in the City are based on the expectations of your caste. While there is a ton of wriggle room for most of them, a few castes have very specific and defined expectations.


The Lords and Ladies of TA. This is the ruling caste of TA. Those who have shown dedication and loyalty to the City and the community through leadership and presence. While Nobles are not above the law, and can be charged with crimes, they do influence and guide the writing and interpretation of them.

All lower castes are expected to show them deference, and respect. Abiding by the wishes of a Noble is a baseline expectation, and not doing so carries the possibility of consequences. What those are, and to what extremes, are determined by the players involved.

While some Nobles can bully for effect or to achieve certain goals, the caste as a whole is not a bullying endeavor. The respect gained from being elevated to the Nobility can just as easily be lost if a consistent abuse of title becomes the focus of any one Noble.

Nobles in TA are just as accountable for their actions and behavior as every other caste, just with a lot more leeway due to their elevated role in the City.

OOC: Nobles are generally Dominants in their conduct and interactions.


Citizen is the primary starting caste in Transarcadia. They encompass a wide range of people from rich to poor, Doctors, Lawyers, Cops, Dockworkers, and are the most able to fulfill a variety of roles within the City structure. They are expected to respect the Nobility, but are also able to refuse direct orders from Nobles as long as the consequences of doing so are recognized and accepted.

Citizens may contract Servants and command both Servants and Chattel. A citizen may be demoted in caste by a Judge for criminal or civil offenses, or elevated to the Nobility for excellence and demonstrated leadership over time.

Citizens form the backbone of TA society, able to engage in professions and roles within the city that other castes might find limiting, or embarrassing, or are simply not able to engage in. Citizen's are accountable for thier actions, as well as the actions of any Servants under contract to them.

All new arrivals to TA who petition for a place in the City are added to the rolls as Citizens.

OOC: Citizens can be either Dominant or Submissive, Switches, or any flavor in-between. They may also refuse to engage in the D/s, BDSM aspects of the Sim, but with the understanding that not participating is not the same as railing against or condemning.


Servants are Citizens, and on rare occasions Nobles, who have entered into a service contract with another Citizen or Noble for a specific period of time. Servant Contracts may be for particular duties, or more general in their wording. Depending on the nature of their contract, Servants may decline to engage in or respond to sexual demands. If no such provisions are included, sexual service is on the menu. Servants can also be Chattel who have been sold, either privately or at auction, to a Citizen or Noble. Once the sale of a Chattel is complete, Servant status is granted as a condition of the sale along with the slightly higher social standing and the few rights that go with it.

Servants are the working poor of the City. Those who have incurred debt to pay for a Transformation, or have been sentenced to serve as the result or a crime. They are expected to kneel before their betters at all times, address them with respect and to be of service to them. Servants may command Chattel.

OOC: Servants are generally submissive in their conduct, it being a public requirement of the caste. The Primary OOC right that belongs to Servants is the right to refuse orders of a sexual nature if,and only if, it is specific in their contract. Most commonly this is the caste for those who wish to serve a specific Master or Mistress in addition to their responsibilities to the City. It should be noted, however, that "Family Pet" in no way supersedes caste expectations for Servant conduct in public.


Chattel are the lowest caste in the City. Whether by Court order as punishment, or as a result of the the consequences of their own actions, Chattel have had their freedom forceably taken away and been reduced to mere property, not people. The CReC provides for the primary creation, conditioning and training of the Chattel caste. There is no such thing as a privately owned Chattel.

All Chattel are implanted with a control device that provides both pain and pleasure as feedback. This is to ensure obedience at all times, and condition the Chattel to obey without hesitation or question by associating obedience with the pleasure the implant supplies. Chattel are used as sexual objects, slaves and menial labor within the City. To further this, secondary conditioning or complete personality overlays are often conducted after implantation.

Chattel have absolutely no rights, nor can any rights be conferred upon them by the order of any other caste in the City, nor by the Courts. The only escape from the caste is through the successful sale of a Chattel, either privately or through a City Auction. Once sold, Chattel become Servants.

OOC: Chattel are sexual slaves, barely human property to be used as anyone sees fit, period. The only right that exists for Chattel is the right to a personal OOC "no list" that details activities the player is unwilling to engage in. This list is expected to be very specific, precise and reasonable. A 5 page no list defeats the purpose of the caste. This is likely the hardest caste to play in TA effectively, as there will be times a Chattel must engage in things they are either not in the mood for, or do not feel like doing at any given time. The expectation is that Chattel embrace the total and complete nature of the caste in their interactions.


OOC, this is anyone who joins the open Transarcadia group. IC, the status is basically the same as a Citizen. When Strangers feel comfortable with TA, they should speak to any Judge or Moderator for an invite into the roleplay group as full Citizens.

Non-Caste Professions within the City

There are also many titles in TA that are not directly tied to castes. Judge, Doctor, Med-Tech, Nurse, TAPD, TAPS, Dockworker, Bank of TA... All of these titles are connected to various professions or Ministries within TA and should be respected as the role play warrants.

With the occasional, and RP warranted, exception of Judges and Doctors, professional titles do not ever take precedence over caste expectations and interactions in the City.

-TA Team