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Quick Start Guide

The following list contains the basic information you need to get started in TA:
  1. The first step is checking out the information here on the site, and getting a sense whether or not TA is a good fit for your interests and roleplay desires.
  2. The next step would be exploring the rules and the caste system using the links to the left! The caste system in TA is the basis for every single interaction within the City, so it is important to get a good sense of it, and where you might fit within the structure!
  3. The next thing to do would be to visit the City! Visitors to TA are asked to join the public group while they explore and hang out. The welcome center provides an easy click to join! This will give you a Stranger tag to wear while you explore the City. For RP purposes, Strangers are considered Citizens. Stranger RP is non-binding, meaning that existing RP Group members have the option to ignore any griefing or out of bounds play that might occur.
  4. Once you arrive at the welcome center, we request that new players baseline their avatars to human or near-human before teleporting down and interacting with the population. While there are a few exceptions, all recognized transformations occur within the RP context of the City so this helps establish a fresh starting point!
  5. The last step is the best one! Wearing your Stranger tag, explore, talk to people, get a feel for the City and the community. If you're still around after three days and are liking what you're seeing, you can request to join the TA RP Group by registering on the website, posting a Citizenship Application in the appropriate forums section, and then talking to a Judge. They'll check to see if you are signed up, then ask you some questions to ensure that you have a good foundation of knowledge about how the City works, and then you're set and ready to become a member of our community!
- TA Team