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Sim Rules

These are the rules of TA that are non-negotiable and that there are no exceptions for. Things like, no griefing, no racism, no hate speech and no religious intolerance are all covered in LL's ToS. We will always uphold the SL ToS where applicable regarding these generic issues.

  • There are no designated OOC areas in TA. Our policy is that "OOC happens." Please ((bracket it off)), take it to IMs, and in general keep it to a minimum.
  • Public OOC conflicts that occur due to a breakdown in RP are 100% unacceptable. Disruptive players will be asked to leave.
  • All tags used in TA must reflect Visitor (Stranger), Caste (Chattel, Servant, Citizen, Lord/Lady), or Profession if the person is engaged in a job activity.
  • All roleplay in TA is consensual. Consent for many things is implied by caste, but we do ask that you check and respect "No lists" and ask in IMs before taking an action that might cross someone's line.
  • All TA RP is expected to be done with other players for mutual enjoyment, not at other players at the expense of their fun. God-mode and power-gamers will be asked to leave.
  • The flip side of that is that all roleplay has consequences, and if you place yourself in a position to be punished you should expect to play out that punishment. Refusal to accept the consequences of criminal actions or civil disobedience is disrespectful of the City. This is not Burger King.
  • New players are expected to enter the city as a humanoid species (baseline human is preferable) in realistic looking forms (EG: Nothing that looks overly cartoonish). Transformation play is a large part of the city RP and we are more than willing to work with people's wants and needs.

Age Play in all forms is expressly prohibited. This includes the use of child avatars. Violations of this policy will result in immediate removal from the sim.

Please listen to the Mods if they remind you of these things. They are there to help you and to keep peace in the sim, not to spoil your fun.

That brings us to the only two hard and fast rules of TA:

  1. Respect the Player.
  2. Respect the RP.

These two rules include many of the things mentioned above, but also imply an expectation that players participating in an adult Sim carry and conduct themselves like adults.

Lastly, Have Fun.

Fun is contagious, but so is being miserable. If you're unhappy, let a Mod or an RP Group Owner know. We're always willing to listen and always eager to try to help!

-TA Team